Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baseball reinstated at Japanese Olympic Committee

Yoshinobu Suzuki, Vice President of Baseball Federation of Japan, elected into Executive Board of Japanese Olympic Committee

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Tsunenori Takeda (63) was reelected as President of Japanese Olympic Committee for the 7th term. The new mandate will be a 2-year extension to his current mandate. The process took place at the Executive Board meeting in Tokyo, Japan June 29, 2011. Noriyuki Ichihara (69), Executive Director, newly joined two other Vice Presidents, Tomiaki Fukuda (69) and Masato Mizuno (68) were also re-elected. After more than a decade of absence at the executive level, the newly elected Executive Board has seen a representative of baseball, Yoshinobu Suzuki, elected. Currently he is also the Vice President of Baseball Federation of Japan.