Monday, November 01, 2010

The Executive is discussing the future of the international schedule

During the meeting in Taichung James Pearce presented the future Major League Baseball has in mind for the World Baseball Classic

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The meeting of the Executive Committee took place at the Hotel One in Taichung just hours after the end of the Intercontinental Cup. The core of the meeting was the presentation by Major League Baseball representative James Pearce of the future plans to develop the World Baseball Classic in a tournament that will have a qualifying system. Pearce explained that a number of countries in the different Continents are being considered for the future editions of the tournament.
According to MLB plans, the Classic will be the main event of a series of tournaments included in an international schedule that will be restructured in cooperation with IBAF.
“We have done a lot of work together with President Riccardo Fraccari” explained Pearce “And I am confident we will soon have an agreement”.
A formal proposal will be submitted from MLB to IBAF Executive within the next 60 days.

The existing schedule features the next edition of the IBAF World Cup in 2011. A delegation of the country of Panama, headed by Director of Pandeportes Ruben Cardenas, was received by the Executive and is the first country to candidate to host the tournament.