Monday, January 20, 2014

Application process for bat manufacturers to obtain 2014 IBAF approval

Wood bat manufacturers must first obtain IBAF-approval for their bats to be authorised for use in any IBAF Championship or IBAF event without the prior approval of the IBAF.

By IBAF® @IBAF_Baseball


Please refer to the 2014 IBAF Wood Bat Manufacturer Regulations and application PDF attached hereunder.

New applicants and renewals will be considered for a one-year term covering the 2014 IBAF events calendar. (More details for 2015 and beyond will be published at a later date.)

Please note that no wooden bat manufacturer can have its bats used in any IBAF Championship or IBAF event without the prior approval of the IBAF.


In order to become an IBAF-approved bat manufacturer for the 2014 events calendar, the applicant must:

1. Submit 6 bats (of the same length) of its most popular model to IBAF for     
    inspection purposes.
2. Specify for each bat the weight, length and model.
3. Provide a technical report on the bat, specifying the type and origin of the wood,
    seasoning process of the wood and all reasonable information to outline the
    manufacturing and producing process of the bat. IBAF will keep all information
4. Forward a non-refundable bank deposit in the amount of 1,500 USD to the IBAF for
    administration, application and laboratory testing fees.
5. Agree to indemnify the IBAF and the assigned Certification Center against any legal
    actions resulting in IBAF competitions from the bat so registered.
6. Pass IBAF’s independently organised lab test.

NB: Typical bat-approval/review processing time is 6-8 weeks.


Those manufacturers needing only to renew their IBAF-approved status for 2014 will not be subject to re-testing (Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 6) if there have been no modifications to the prior-approved bat manufacturing process. Only Nos. 4 and 5 will be applicable to those manufacturers who have previously obtained IBAF-approval.

(Wood bat manufacturers who have obtained IBAF’s approval in 2012 [through 2014] or 2013 [through 2015] are not be subject to additional testing/fees at the present time.)

Please contact the IBAF office ( for any questions regarding the bat application process.