Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 IBAF Publications

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The 2011 edition of the SportAccord International Convention has come and gone; however, the event allowed the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) to start a tradition of excellence in reference to how international game of baseball is presented to the international sporting community. In conjunction with the internationally themed booth, the event also saw the publication of three important documents designed to chronicle the success, depth and prevalence of the game of baseball around the world. The three documents are the 2011 IBAF Development Book, 2011 IBAF Numbers Book, and the 2011 IBAF Year Book.

The 2011 IBAF Development Book is focused on providing a clear picture of the game of baseball as it is today, in conjunction with outlining the programs and strategies that are in place to develop the sport, both in the short- and long-terms. The publication will be updated every year, in an effort to ensure the IBAF and the international sports community have an accurate account of the programs that are in place globally, and to establish a best practices forum to identify strategies that are most successful to
streamline the development of the game.

The IBAF Numbers Book, a publication first developed in 2009, is a second edition providing statistical data to help understand the momentum and direction of the baseball movement worldwide. Designed to give the relevant facts and figures in an easy to understand format, the publication will be reviewed annually to reflect changes and growth in the game.

The IBAF Yearbook provides insights into the IBAF and the IBAF family of institutions. These include Continental Confederations, National Federations and associated federations. The publication also provides historical information on the IBAF and its tournaments.

2011 IBAF Yearbook


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2011 IBAF Development Book


2011 IBAF Numbers Book