Thursday, December 22, 2011

IBAF introduces new Format of International Tournaments

During the XXVI IBAF Ordinary Congress in Dallas, Texas on December 3, 2012 the International Baseball Federation approved and introduced a new format of the international tournaments calendar, which includes new events and modifications to age groups.

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The World Baseball Classic will be the main tournament sanctioned by the IBAF and the champion will be named “World Champion”. The next edition will happen in 2013 and in 2012 for the first time a World Baseball Classic Qualifier will be played. In 2012 the IBAF will also sanction the 18U Baseball World Championship (starting 2013 it will become the 18U World Baseball Classic), the 15U Baseball World Championship (formerly 16U Baseball World Championship) and the Women’s Baseball World Cup.

The IBAF will sanction two brand new tournaments: the 21U Baseball World Championship in 2014 and the IBAF Premier 12 in 2015 (a senior tournament involving the 12 best teams of the world). The 21U, 15U and 12U Baseball World Championships, the 18U World Baseball Classic and the Women’s Baseball World Cup will be played every other year, while the Premier 12 every fourth year.

New International Baseball Competitions Outline

Articles regarding new International Tournament Format:

2012 Competitions organized by IBAF:

V Women’s Baseball World Cup

I 15U Baseball World Championship

XV 18U Baseball World Championship