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WBSC Sanctioned International Competitions

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In July 2012, the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) announced the expansion of the Baseball World Rankings platform, thereby making it possible for National Baseball Federations to generate additional points by having their National Teams compete in IBAF-approved ("sanctioned") events. 

See the current Men’s and Women’s Baseball World Rankings.

In accordance with Ch. 6, Art. 63 and 64 of the IBAF Statutes, any international competition between one (1) or more National Teams or club governed by the National Federation must be prior approved and obtain the prior sanctioning by the relevant Continental Confederation(s) and the IBAF. The scope of such international competitions must be communicated to the Continental Confederations in respective areas and the International Baseball Federation Headquarters at least 30 days in advance.

After reviewing and ensuring proper protocol be followed based upon the IBAF instructions, the official sanctioning of IBAF would be given to organizers of events with the implications on the Baseball World Rankings. Only those games that strictly involve only IBAF National Federation Members' “National Teams” can have rankings implications.

Misrepresentation and Fraud

Where a team is not the National Team acting under the authority of the National Federation and respective National Olympic Committee -- and/or where a competition has not been duly sanctioned by the IBAF -- the uniform colours and style of such team competing in an international tournament must not be the same as or similar to any National Team uniforms of that National Federation. The National Flag of the country of that National Federation must not appear on the uniform, and the name of the country of that National Federation cannot and must not appear on the uniform.


The IBAF reserves all rights in determining sanctioning fees.

Procedures to apply for WBSC sanction to exhibition/friendly games:

IBAF Sanction Procedures


NOTE: Request must be submitted at least 30 days before start of proposed event. 

Application Form for a WBSC Sanction

1. Ranking Points to be awarded
A win over a top 10-team is worth 20 points
A win over a team from 11th - 20th is worth 10 points
A win over a team from 21st - 30th is worth 5 points
A win over a team outside the top 30 is worth 2 points
2. Communication to the IBAF and its Confederations
Contact IBAF headquarters and its Confederations and apply for the IBAF sanction in writing on an organizational letterhead.
3. Details to be requested
In addition to informing IBAF and confederations of the intention to hold international matches, those seeking for IBAF sanction will be requested to provide the details of;

<One month prior to the scheduled games>

- Date/schedule
- Venue(s)
- Names of Teams in question
<Post games, immediately after the game conclusion>
- Game reports in English or Spanish
- Few high quality photos of game action in JPEG format (Resolution of each photo shall be 800 x 640 or 400 x 320 Pixels)
4. IBAF Recognition
On organizers media outlets (website, broadcasting, media backdrop, printed materials such as official program, tickets, accreditation cards, newspapers etc., if any) it is also requested to include IBAF recognition (Logo and word "IBAF Sanction") and produce one IBAF banner to be placed on fences at fields for the IBAF sanctioned games. This banner can be detachable and does not necessarily need to be permanently installed on the fences. Data files will be provided upon request based on the dimensions available and NFs must use the provided layouts for printing and placement of IBAF logo and banner. 

The costs of printing and installing the banner shall be at the expense of those seeking for IBAF sanction.

For more information, contact the IBAF Office at