Sunday, December 30, 2012

IBAF in the News

Archive of Press Coverage about the International Baseball Federation

March 2013

Sports Business Global (03/27/2013): WBC provides boost to baseball, softball campaigns for 2020 Olympics inclusion

Yahoo! Sports (03/26/2013): Baseball, softball cite WBC success in Olympic bid

The Washington Post (03/26/2013): Joint baseball-softball federation cites WBC success as boost for Olympic bid

isportconnect (03/26/2013): World Baseball Classic boosts Baseball/Softball 2020 Olympic Bid

The Guardian (03/26/2013): Baseball and softball leaders say World Baseball Classic boosted Olympic bid

Sportcal (03/26/2013): Success of World Baseball Classic "proves value of baseball-softball Olympic bid," say Porter and Fraccari (Subscription needed)

Around the Rings (03/26/2013): Baseball, Softball Presidents call WBC "A beautiful model" for 2020 Olympics Play (Subscription needed) (03/18/2013): Jimmy Rollins an advocate of World Baseball Classic

FOX Sports (03/11/2013): Bryce Harper already psyched for 2017 WBC

USA Today (03/10/2013): Team USA could alter perception in World Baseball Classic

isportconnect (03/01/2013): Interview with Riccardo Fraccari - President, International Baseball Federation

February 2013

CBC Sports (02/28/2013): Japan favoured to win World Baseball Classic

Forbes (02/15/2013): World Baseball Classic continues to show ability to benefit global growth of baseball

National Post (02/13/2013): Cuban "mystery ball" shows international passion for World Baseball Classic

NBC (02/12/2013): Spring Training goes International in 2013

NPR (02/06/2013): Game on! Rare 1865 Baseball Card sold for $80,000

Slate (02/04/2013): A Baseball salvaged from a civil war battlefield

New York Tims (02/03/2013): Lavonne Paire Davis, Baseball Pioneer, dies at 88

January 2013

Eurosport (01/30/2013): One Olympic sport to be cut in February

Global Post (01/30/2013): Olympics-IOC plans to cut one sport in February, add one in May

Around the Rings (01/28/2013): Planned Baseball-Softball Venue to serve as model of future

Around the Rings (01/14/2013): Baseball backs Anti-Doping Advances, Curling, Bobsleigh Updates (Subscription needed)

Around the Rings (01/11/2013): Baseball Leagues 1st and 3rd most attended Sports Leagues in World, Report says

play true magazine (01/10/2013): WADA applauds expansion of MLB testing program

CBS Sports (01/10/2013): MLB introduces random unannounced, in-season HGH testing

ESPN (01/10/2013): MLB to test in-season for HGH

Toronto Star (01/10/2013): Major League Baseball expands drug testing program

CBC Sports (01/10/2013): Major League Baseball will test for HGH, monitor testosterone levels

Around the Rings (01/09/2013): FIFA extends Korean Bans, Baseball touts 2012 Attendance (Subscription needed)

BBC (01/02/2013): Olympic Games: The seven sports bidding for a 2020 place

December 2012 (12/27/2012): Top Olympic Bid Stories of 2012: #8 Baseball and softball pool efforts to return to Olympics

Around the Rings (12/22/2020): Top Story Replay - 2020 Sports Pitch IOC

Around the Rings (12/20/2012): Baseball, Softball present unified vision for the 2020 Olympic Games

Inside the Games (12/19/2012): Baseball and softball almost offer the Olympics two sports for the price of one say WBSC

Around the Rings (12/28/2012): Showtime for 2020 Sports (Subscription needed)

Winnipeg Free Press (12/17/2012): Baseball, softball agree on name for Olympic bid: World Baseball Softball Confederation

Baseball America (12/17/2012: International Baseball and Softball Federations merge

Sports Illustrated (12/17/2012): Baseball, softball agree on name of new world body

Inside the Games (12/17/2012): World Baseball Softball Confederation formed for 2020 Olympic bid

Around the Rings (12/17/2012): New Governor for Tokyo, New name for baseball, softball (Subscription needed)

Haaretz Daily Newspaper (12/14/2012): Baseball, softball to unite in return bid

Around the Rings (12/14/2012): IBAF receives unanimous approval on merger with ISF

USA Today (12/13/2012): Baseball backs merger with softball in Olympic bid

Inside the Games (12/13/2012): Baseball formally approves international merger with Softball

Around the Rings (12/11/2012): Baseball approves Softball merger, FINA awards 2016 short-cource World Champs (Subscription needed)

Havana Times (12/07/2012): Cuba still number 1 in IBAF Ranking

November 2012

Around the Rings (11/16/2012): Baseball, softball engage Helios, meet with IOC

Inside the Games (11/15/2012): Baseball and softball appoints Helios to help Olympic campaign

Around the Rings (11/15/2012): IBAF, ISF quick to agree on first order of business, engage Olympic strategist Helios Partners (11/14/2012): Baseball and softball to take Olympic cause to IOC

Around the Rings (11/13/2012): The 2012 Peace and Sport International Forum spurs historic momentum within the international sports movement

The Sports Network (11/13/2012): Merged baseball, softball body to meet IOC over Olympics bid

NBC OlympicTalk (11/13/2012): Baseball, softball begin push for reinstatement

ESPN (11/13/2012): Baseball to meet IOC over joint bid (11/13/2012): Baseball, softball to meet IOC over joint Olympic bid

October 2012

Winnipeg Free Press (10/30/2012): Softball federation approves merger with baseball for joint 2020 Olympic bid

Inside the Games (10/30/2012): Softball delegates back merger with baseball to boost Olympic bid (10/16/2012): Baseball and softball eye Olympic return

The Guardian (10/15/2012): Baseball and softball pitch Olympic return for 2020 Games (10/15/2012): Baseball, Softball trying to return to Olympics

NBC Olympic Talk (10/15/2012): Baseball coming back in 2020?

ESPN (10/15/2012): Baseball, softball join forces

Inside the Games (10/12/2012): Joint baseball and softball bid for 2020 Olympics gets green light

September 2012

Around the Rings (09/26/2012): IBAF, MLB agree World Baseball Classic Winners now World Champions

heinnews (09/24/2012): Olympic curveball: Baseball pitching shortened format for Olympic inclusion

ESPN (09/20/2012): Speaking the language of baseball

Inside the Games (09/19/2012): Baseball prepares for IOC inspection in Germany for 2020 Olympic bid

August 2012

Inside the Games: (08/27/2012): Ajax to host baseball and softball at Toronto 2015

The Inquirer (08/12/2012): Ex-Olympian Schierholtz disappointed baseball is left out

Examiner (08/10/2012): Olympic Baseball and Softball: Come out, come out, wherever you are

Tucson Sentinel (08/06/2012): Olympic baseball strikes out in London

New Jersey Ledger (08/024/2012): Bradley: Yankees' Jayson Nix still not over Olympic-sized disappointment

Yahoo (08/03/2012): The 2000 US Summer Olympic Baseball Miracle Team

Fangraphs (08/02/2012): Bring baseball back to the Olympics

Sudbury Star (08/02/2012): No baseball in the Olympics?

Inside the Games (08/02/2012): Baseball and softball set to merge in hope to win bid for inclusion in 2020 Olympics

Toronto Sun (08/01/2012): No baseball is an Olympic-sized mistake

ESPN (08/01/2012): Bring baseball back to the Olympics

July 2012

The Southern (07/31/2012): Baseball strikes out at Olympics

CBS Chicago (07/31/2012): Bring Baseball back to the Olympics

Canadian Baseball Network (07/29/2012): Olympics open without baseball (07/25/2012): No Baseball in 2012 London Olympics

San Francisco Chronicle (07/24/2012): John Shea on Olympic baseball, softball

ESPN (07/22/2012): Baseball, softball to merge in bid for 2020 Olympics

Newsday (07/22/2012): Baseball, softball to merge in attempt to return to Olympics (07/22/2012): Baseball, softball agree to merge in Olympic bid

The Atlantic (07/20/2012): Lost Sport of the Olympics

Team USA (07/10/2012): Baseball: Summer of 2012

Sportsnet (07/05/2012): Olympic-sized hurdles

April 2012

Washington Post (04/20/2012): Baseball, softball await IOC feedback for 2020 bid

March 2012

Washington Post (03/28/2012): Baseball, softball consider joint 2020 Olympic bid