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World Children's Baseball Foundation and Fair

The World Children's Baseball Fair was established in the interest of fostering an environment of world understanding and cultural exchange through the celebration of baseball, which became an Olympic Medal Sport for the first time in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Recognizing that the sport of baseball promotes teamwork, good health, discipline and friendship, Mr. Oh and Mr. Aaron conceived the idea of the WCBF as a means of creating goodwill and fellowship among the children of the world. Today, countries from 5 continents participate in this global event.

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About World Children’s Baseball Foundation

The World Children's Baseball Foundation was established in August, 1992 as a non-profit organization to establish fostering the sound mental and physical growth of young people and enrich humanity and also to promote international goodwill and friendship among them through baseball and so to contribute to world peace. WBCF actually commenced its activities two years before the formal establishment with the opening of the World Children's Baseball Fair.

This major event was initiated by the world's two home-run kings - Japan's Sadaharu Oh and America's Hank Aaron.  Their aim was to expand this wonderful sport, baseball, throughout the world and help children to learn the game.  They also hoped this event would promote friendship among children and help to create a borderless world.

The first World Children's Baseball Fair was held in Los Angeles in the summer of 1990.  Since then, the fair has been held annually in Japan, the USA or Canada.  Over 200 boys and girls from more than twenty nations and/or regions of the world are invited to each fair.

In addition to the annual World Children's Baseball Fair, there are also baseball clinics and coaching courses in Japan.  Promoting a great sport like baseball is an important means of bringing up healthy young people and it introduces them to one of the best possible ways of using their leisure.

WCBF is completely committed to meeting these growing social needs.

Main Activities
  • Diffusion of baseball among young people at home and abroad
  • Holding children's baseball fairs at home and abroad
  • Holding children's baseball clinics at home and abroad
  • Baseball games between young people at home and abroad
  • Guidance of baseball coaches at home and abroad
  • Spreading baseball through books giving guidance on the right rules for playing baseball and other publications
  • Publish a bulletin in Japan
World Children's Baseball Fair
  • Time Period: Nine days in July or August every year
  • Participants: 10-11 years old boys and girls from many different countries
  • Baseball Clinic: Participants will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of baseball instructed by coaches, which are selected by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF)
  • Exchange Event: Participants will partake in cultural and recreational activities with local children such as learning Japanese dancing, martial arts etc...
  • Previous Host Cities

2011 World Children’s Baseball Fair

The 2011 WCBF Summer Week Event will be hosted by the city of Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei from July 27 to August 4. The goal of the 21st World Children's Baseball Fair is to promote and develop baseball and develop friendship and trust between children throughout the world. WCBF hopes this fair also supports baseball to return to the Olympics in the future.

This year, WCBF is inviting children from 19 countries/regions to share the experience of this event and then hopes they'll share again with their friends and families back in their home countries.

Countries participating: Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, U.S.A., Chinese Taipei

Stadiums: Chengching Lake Baseball Field, Sanmin High School Baseball Field, Fongsang Softball Field

IBAF Coaches:
Justine Siegal (Head Coach) - U.S.A,, Yoshihisa Uchikawa (Subhead Coach) - Japan, Angel Bonilla - U.S.A, Greg Kosloff - U.S.A, Ila Borders - U.S.A, Darwin Barker - Canada, Mike Valcke - Canada, Lucio Taschin - Italy, Daishin Nakamura - Japan, Shih Kuei Huang - Chinese Taipei

Detailed Schedule

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