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The first ever baseball exhibition game was showed by YMCA in Plzeň in May 1920, and it was presently followed by the first game in Prague. In thirties, baseball or "playgroundball" run in children's summer camps, the first Czech rules were even established. Joe First was the founder of this game. Unfortunately, German occupation made playing American sport impossible. After the war, again Joe First is who brought baseball equipment as an YMCA present. But development of baeball is interrupted again. Comunist leaders cannot accept its American origin.

New history of Czech baseball started in sixties, when "Batting Sports Section" is founded in 1963; it was led by Vilda Marzín and later by Aleš Hrabě. Amongst all enthusiasts, let us mention just one name - Mirek Vojtíšek. On September 14, 1964, baseball game could be watched in Czechoslovakia after long years. One week later Section organized the first tournament. In late 60s, we can trace the first international contacts (Belgians in Prague, collaboration with CEBA) and, first of all, the first regular competition is established in 1968, with four participants.

Baseball development cannot be stopped since this moment. Baseball is expanded from Prague to other sites, Technika Brno participated in League in 1977. It establishes the first abroad contacts on level of players, coaches and officials. It extends its competitions, the Czech Cup is played in 1979. In spite of some obstructions, origin of "Softball and Baseball Union" is approved in 1975. Split of "Baseball and Softball Federation of Czechoslovakia" came into existence in 1992 and "Czech Baseball Association" was established.

In the Czech Republic there are almost forty baseball teams in which nearly 4 000 players of all ages are registered. This amount of players means sixth place within Europe but for example in comparison with Germany and its 30 000 baseball members it is insignificant. The most baseball clubs we can find in Moravian part of the Czech Republic.

The regular competition has been played since 1970, at first in former Czechoslovakia. In 1993, when Czechoslovakia stopped to exist and the Czech Republic was established there was also Czech Baseball Extraleague found. First winner of the Extraleague there was Technika Brno and its players became champions also in the following year. Since 1995 Draci Brno has been dominating our Extraleague – they got 14 titles in a row. It is interesting that just two teams succeeded in winning the Extraleague and both of them come from the same city.

First Czech baseball rules – were published by Ministry of National Defence as part of publication “American games”

First Major League player coming from Czechoslovakia – was Elmer Valo, born on 5th March 1921 in Rybník. He was playing outfield for Athletics, Dodgers, Indians, Senators, Twins and Phillies between the years 1940 and 1961.

The winner of Czech Baseball Extraleague has right to represent the Czech Republic in European Cup.

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