Saturday, February 04, 2012

Big League Teams will have an international signing allowance

The norm is included in the new collective bargaining agreement

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The collective bargaining agreement signed by Major League Baseball (MLB) and their Players Association (MLBPA) in November 2011 contains a few items that are of some interest for the world of international baseball.

The agreement enforced the norms against the big spenders on draft signings. Each MLB Franchise will have an aggregate bonus pool for the first 10 rounds of the draft. But the most important change is about the introduction of an international signing allowance.

Teams that will exceed their allowance, will be fined (the amount of cash collected will be redistributed under MLB's revenue sharing plan) and will lose draft picks the next year. Furthermore, the signing of any international player under the age of 23 will affect the international bonus limit. Teams will also be able to trade their international signing allowance.

According to the magazine 'Baseball America', MLB created an "International Talent Committee" that is working to propose a scheme for an International Draft.

Other norms of relevant interest included in the agreement involve drug tests. The top 200 prospects will be subject to a pre draft drug test and will participate in a pre draft medical program.

The agreement will expire after 5 years and, according to the press in the United States, will guarantee to baseball another time frame without labor conflicts.