Friday, March 02, 2012

A future Major League star enjoyed success in IBAF competition

Alex Bregman has won gold medals for Team USA both in 18 and 16 and Under World Cups

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Alex Bregman will probably have a great future as a professional baseball player. For now, he has already enjoyed great success in International Baseball. As a star of the Albuquerque Academy, Bregman has led Team USA to a couple of gold medals in IBAF sanctioned competitions: the 2011 18 and Under (he was named the MVP) and the 2010 16 and Under Continental Games of the Americas.

"Playing for Team USA is the biggest honor of my life" said Bregman to contributor Cristopher Crawford "To be able to win two gold medals for my country is something I could have never dreamed of and I hope to be able to play on future national teams as well. It’s just an incredible thing to be a part of”.

Bregman is expected to lead Team USA in the 18 and Under World Cup in late Summer.

After his senior year in High School, Bregman has a chance to attend the Louisiana State University program: "It’s my dream school" admitted Bregman "I grew up watching the College World Series and seeing them in that tournament, I knew I wanted to be a Tiger. I respect the work of coach Mainieri and coach Sanchez and all of those guys so much".

Another option may be the Major League draft: "He can run, he can hit and he works hard" admitted a National League scout "The concern right now is what position he would play".

Bregman has starred in High School as catcher and shortstop: "Right now we think of him as more of a second baseman" admitted the scout.