Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hwang Jenn Tai is the new Commissioner of the CPBL

He replaced Chao on March 5th. Liang Kung Pin replaced Wayne Lee as the Secretary General

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Doctor Hwang Jenn Tai has been elected on March 5th as the new Commissioner of the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL). As the new Commissioner, Doctor Hwang named Liang Kung Pin (Brady) as the new Secretary General of the Organization.

Former Commissioner Chao, who chaired the League for 6 seasons, will be presented with the Honorary Commissioner title by the Executive Council.

Former Secretary General Wayne Lee, who served for more than 20 years (14 as Secretary General) will be offered a position as Consultant by the Board of Owners.

Doctor Hwang Jenn Tai was born in Tainan (Republic of China) in 1948.
He graduated from National Taiwan University and received his Master's Degree in Chemistry at the University of Virginia. He also has a Doctoral Degree in Chemical Physics at the Columbia University.

Doctor Hwang returned to his home land after attending his postdoctoral research program at Princeton and the University of Chicago in 1979. He started his teaching career at the National Tsnig Hua University as Associate Professor in the department of Chemistry. While continuing his teaching career, he also served as Minster at the National Science Council (highest governmental science research organization) and chaired the Chinese Chemistry Society.

With his rich experience in teaching and working in the public sectors, Doctor Hwang was assigned the position of Vice Minister of Education in 1994. He later also became the President of two reputable universities in Taiwan (1995-1998 at the Feng Chia University and 2008-2011 at the Soochow University.)

Currently Doctor Hwang is also the Vice President of the HuaiEn Charity Foundation.