Saturday, April 07, 2012

IBAF introduces Management System to improve Communication

Member Federations can use Website to update Information, register National Teams to IBAF Tournaments and pay Membership Fees

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The International Baseball Federation (IBAF) is undergoing a process of updating all of its technical and administrative procedures, in order to facilitate more direct and immediate interactions between the national federations and the offices of the IBAF.

The new "IBAF Management" system, which was presented at the Dallas Congress last December, is fully operational.  All national federations will have their own username and password to gain access to this system and will be able to

1) add, correct and update the information on their own national federation that is already present in the system;

2) enter all data about their national federation and its executive staff;

3) register their National Team to the IBAF tournaments (by directly entering the roster); and

4) arrange for the payments of membership fees or other fees payable to the IBAF.

For additional support or assistance with technical issues, member federations can contact

IBAF confirms that all registered information of the national federations will be only visible by the IBAF office. Furthermore, access to the system will be exclusive and strictly limited to the respective national federation through their respective login information.        
IBAF strongly hopes that the implementation of the management system will provide another step toward a more efficient response in its duties and service to all of the national federations.