Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chinese Taipei announce 28-man roster for WBC Qualifier

By Jason Pan, in Chinese Taipei

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Getting ready for the Asia-Pacific round of the  World Baseball Classic Qualifier, team manager for Chinese Taipei, Hsieh Chang-Heng announced the 28-man roster this past week.

To commence on Nov. 15, the WBC Qualifier for Asia-Pacific region is hosted by Chinese Taipei,  at the Xinzhuang Stadium of New Taipei City. New Zealand, Philippines, and Thailand will vie against Chinese Taipei for the top spot in order to advance for the next round.

The 28-man roster for Chinese Taipei consists of 20 players from the CPBL (Chinese Professional Baseball League), five who are currently active in pro and farm teams in Japan, one in MLB minor league club, and one each from the amateur ranks and from the national reserve squad.      

In terms of positions, the roster has 14 pitchers, 3 catchers, 6 infielders, and 5 outfielders.
The core of the hitting lineup is expected to be carried by the quartet of CPBL's leading power sluggers: Lin Yi-Chuan, Lin Hong-Yu, Peng Cheng-Min, and Lin Chih-Sheng.

Chinese Taipei team manager Hsieh said, "We have selected those who are in good form this season.  Our aim is to win the qualifier round, and we expect them to perform to their best standards."

The squad will convene for training on Oct. 21, after the end of CPBL postseason series, and will schedule at least six warm-up games in preparation for the WBC Qualifier competition, according to Hsieh.

Chinese Taipei 28-man roster for WBC Qualifer:

Pitchers (14) -  Wang Chin-Ming, Fu Yu-Kang (Uni-President Lions);  Lin Chia-Wei (Lamigo Monkeys). Kuan Ta-Yuan, Lin Yu-Ching, Tseng Song-Wei (Brother Elephants);  Lin Yen-Feng (Sinon Bulls) ;  Wang Yao-Ling (Chicago Cubs farm system), Wang Yi-Chen (NPB Yokohama Baystars), Lin Yi-Hao (NPB Yomiuri Giants), Yang Yao-Hsun (NPB Softbank Hawks), Cheng Kai-Wen (NPB Hanshin Tigers), Kuo Chun-Ling (Fubon amateur club), Chen Hong-Wen (national reserve squad)

Catchers (3)  -  Cheng Ta-Hong (Sinon Bulls); Lin Hong-Yu (Lamigo Monkeys); Kao Chih-Kang (Uni-President Lions)

Infielders (6)  -  Lin Yi-Chuan (Sinon Bulls);  Lin Chih-Sheng, Kuo Yen-Wen (Lamigo Monkeys); Peng Cheng-Min, Chen Chiang-Ho (Brother Elephants);  Chen Yung-Chih (Uni-President Lions)

Outfielders (5) -  Yang Tai-Kang (NPB Nippon Ham Fighters);  Chang Chien-Ming (Sinon Bulls); Pan Wu-Hsiung (Uni-President Lions);  Chou Hsi-Chih, Chang Chen-Wei (Brother Elephants)

Photo (from CPBL) - Chinese Taipei team manager Hsieh Chang-Heng informing the press on the 28-man roster