Monday, October 01, 2012

5 Teams compete for Baseball Championship in Northern Provinces of Iran

By Iran Baseball Association

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The baseball league of the northern provinces of Iran was held in Tehran with the attendance of five teams. The league contains of home and away matches.

Home match was hosted by Semnan province and Semnan team is the reigning title holder at the championships.

Sport associations board of Tehran hosted this competition. Participations teams were Semnan municipality, Tehran, Gilan, Sport associations board of Qom and Khorasan Razavi festival sport.

Competition was held from 16-21 September 2012 at the Azadi complex in Tehran.

Complete Results:
Tehran 9 – Gilan 4
Semnan municipality 12 – Gilan 6
Tehran 8 - Khorasan Razavi festival sport 6
Khorasan Razavi festival sport 20 -  Gilan 11
Khorasan Razavi festival sport 17 - Semnan municipality 16
Gilan 11 - Qom 5