Sunday, December 02, 2012

The 2013 World Baseball Classic is ready to go

During a meeting in Nashville were disclosed the 4 pools, on Monday the schedule

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Riccardo Schiroli in Nashville

The World Baseball Classic Inc disclosed during a meeting in Nashville (Tennessee-USA) the composition of the 4 pools of the tournament, that will be played according to the round robin format; the 4th team in order comes from the qualifiers:

POOL A (Fukuoka, Japan March 2 through 6) Japan, China, Cuba and Brasil
POOL B (Taichung, Chinese Taipei March 2 through 5) Australia, Korea, Kingdom of the Netherlands and Chinese Taipei
POOL C (San Juan, Puertorico March 7 through 10) Venezuela, Puertorico, Dominican Republic and Spain
POOL D (Phoenix, A momenti of the meetingArizona-USA March 7 through 10) Italy, Mexico, United States and Canada

The WBC Inc will disclose a full schedule on Monday, December 3.

In the second round, that will be played according to a double elimination format, the 2 team qualified from pool A and B will compete in Tokyo (Japan) March 8 through 12, The 2 team qualified from pool C and D will compete in Miami (Florida-USA) March 12 through 16.

The top 2 teams of each pool will play in single elimination semifinals that will qualify to the Championship Game. The final round will be played (March 17 through 19) in San Francisco (California-USA).

The World Baseball Classic is an IBAF sanctioned event and will award the winners as the baseball World Champions.
Each game will have 2 players per team go through anti doping tests, according to WADA protocol.

"This is still a young event" said WBC Inc President Paul Archey "We are having the third edition and we still work to make sure there will be a fourth. But we believe that the World Baseball Classic is a key to the development of the game internationally".

Ian Penny of the Major League Baseball Players Association added: "I can guarantee that players see this tournament as a great opportunity".

WBC Inc vice president James Pearce led the meeting and went through the main rules, including pitch limitations on pitcher (65 in the first round, 80 in the second round, 95 in the championship round).
Teams are due to give their provisional 28 men roster within January 16 2013.