Intercontinental Cup

Born in 1973, at first was the symbol of the 2 souls of international baseball, then became a test event for the World Cup. In 2010 Chinese Taipei hosted the last edition

The Intercontinental Cup was born in 1973.

The logo of the first Intercontinental CupThe early 1970ies were years in which the necomer Europeans were fighting the way the International Federation had been organized until that time. They had found the support of North America and Asia Countries.

Italian Federation President Bruno Beneck was feeling that Latin American countries were not in favor of Europe as a member of the international baseball community and the Secretary General of the European Confederation Roger Panaye had been even more stright forward speaking of FIBA "It was never more then a Caribbean Affair with Cuba as chief spokesman”.

Beneck and his Vice President Aldo Notari found the approval of his Board of Directors and organized in Italy the first Intercontinental Cup. During the tournament (on September 8 1973) the alternative international body FEMBA (Federacion Internacional Beisbol Amateur) was born.

Another edition (Canada 1975) was organized by FEMBA. When the 2 bodies merged in AINBA, the Intercontinental Cup remained as a major event for the international federation.
Later the tournament became a test event for the IBAF World Cup and in recent years has lost most of its importance.

The 2010 edition played in Chinese Taipei may well be the last one of the tournament.