U-15 Baseball World Cup

The U-15 Baseball World Cup was inaugurated in 2012

- Also See U-16 Baseball World Cup (1989 -2001)


Launched in 2012 by the International Baseball Federation and played every two years, the Under-15 (13-15 years-old) Baseball World Cup has established itself as the pinnacle of baseball in this age category, like the U-12 Baseball World Cup. And also like the U-12 event, the U-15 Baseball World Cup is the only world championship across all of sport to feature National Teams in its age group, with the best young baseball players in the world, and future stars, uniting on the Baseball World Cup global platform.

Only in its second edition, the U-15 Baseball World Cup platform will potentially challenge what is arguably the most competitive and best represented international competition in all of baseball, the U-18 Baseball World Cup – an event that has featured superstars like Canada’s Brett Lawrie, Japan’s Yu Darvish and Shohei Ohtani, South Korea’s Shin-soo Choo, Cuba’s Yasiel Puig and Aroldis Chapman, and USA’s Clayton Kershaw, Justin Upton and Buster Posey, among countless others – and which, in 2013, had a potential broadcast reach of 144 million homes and potential online/mobile reach of 20 million.

The continental representation of the U-15 Baseball World Cup (est. with the 2016 edition) is as follows:

Total No. of National Team Participants (12)

Africa (1)

Americas (5)

Asia (2)

Europe (2)

Oceania (1)

Wild Card (1)