Uganda Baseball and Softball Association


In 1989 is when baseball and softball was introduced in Uganda by UPI gentle called GLEN and Barnabas a Ugandan Christian born again, the growth of this game was due to the presence of the American volunteers working for UPI at different secondary schools. They brought with them enormous experience and assisted in the development of the sport.

The UBASA has made and continues to make inroads into development of baseball and softball in Uganda. In the fifteen years of their existence they have participated in all regional tournaments and won over 70% of these games. UBASA strives to compete in all the regional competitions for the under 12,14, 16 and 18 as well as championships for these categories.

There are currently 30 teams, 6 of which are clubs are participating in our baseball club senior National league and tournaments. The teams come from various parts of the country, from as far as Northern Uganda, in the south, in the west and in the east. This translates, roughly speaking, into over 20,000 young men and women across the country.

Other than active players, many people, particularly in the town centers, who follow these sports and indeed attend the games as spectators. Therefore if participation is not measured not only in terms of play, but also in terms of following, then it is fitting to say baseball and softball are fast becoming alternative sports in the country.

The recent Middle East and Africa Little League baseball held in Kutno Poland 2011 also marked an improved game for our LL team. They came out champions after winning the EMEA championship to qualify to play in the World Series after 65 years.

It is the intention of the UBASA to take the game to the rural are of Uganda, so that all Ugandan children no matter their geographical allocation or their socio-economic status can have easy access to sport and baseball and softball.
Oficina Central
c/o National Council of Sports / PO Box 20077 Lugogo Kampala +256 701-919-016


  • President

    Mr. George W. Mukhobe

  • Vice President

    Mr. Aron Jacob Kirya

  • Mr. Benedict Nsana

  • Mr. Owora Deusdedit

  • Mr. Richard Nsereko


    Mrs. Esther Nakabugo

  • Mr. Allan Otim

  • Ms. Rosemary Jopaowitt